Fine jewellery services

From our boutique in Boston Spa, Yorkshire N.J. Geddes offer fine jewellery repair, heirloom re-modelling and more. Rest assured we will treasure your piece as much as you do. 

Jewellery repair

If cared for, diamonds – and other jewels – truly are forever. We can re-set a piece, replace a worn band or repair a setting, claw or fixing.

During our repairs, we will secure any jewels and meticulously clean your jewellery. We will also ensure enough light enters so your piece can continue to sparkle.

Jewellery insurance valuations

Many insurance companies recommend you have fine jewellery evaluated every three years. Valuations are carried out by our experienced team with knowledge via the Gemological Institute of America and are members of The National Association of Jewellers. We will assess your piece(s) and provide written and photographed document of valuation.

Convert or exchange unworn or inherited jewellery

Jewellery is created to be worn and adored by its owner. However, many sentimental pieces remain locked away and unused. 

When clients come to us to have a piece of jewellery redesigned, it is often due to a mismatch in style or function, frequently from an inherited piece. Sometimes the jewellery has been damaged, does not fit anymore, or never has. 

Jewellery remodelling is an ideal solution to these problems. You can maintain the heritage and sentiment attached to the jewellery but create something that you wear and love.

As with our bespoke design jewellery experience, we will discuss your preferences. The next stage will be to create a design to breathe new life into your cherished piece.

Ring size adjustments

It’s so important for a ring to fit perfectly. Too tight, and it becomes uncomfortable. Too loose, and it could easily slip off and be lost forever. Inherited jewellery may also need alterations to suit its new owner.

We can adjust most rings 2-3 sizes without compromising appearance or structural integrity. Simply book an appointment so we can take measurements and discuss the most suitable options for you. 


Whether its intertwined initials or a line of poetry, an engraving etches heartfelt emotion into a piece of jewellery. During your appointment, we will discuss the options for your jewellery, including font choices. 

Wedding rings

Designing bespoke engagement rings is one of our specialities. However your wedding ring needs to complement the design, given it will sit next to it.

The choice of wedding bands for grooms is just as important a consideration. From the metal colour, the profile and inside curvature of the ring, we can offer expert advice. Discover more in our Wedding section.