Stop dreaming
and propose

With a hand crafted engagement ring designed to emphatically impress the beautiful person in your life!



Rich certified Cornflower blue sapphire from Sri-Lanka, basket back cluster ring

Are you overwhelmed by the pressure of choosing a forever engagement ring?

Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you – just start here

You know that you want to propose to the love of your life. You know that you want an exceptional ring that will be your fiancée’s pride and joy. But how can you find the perfect ring that expresses both your love and her personality?

The answer, quite simply, is a bespoke engagement ring. This can be designed as a surprise or crafted together.

Engagement Rings Brochure


(Apart from popping the big question, of course.)

It’s your personal expression of love

This is your opportunity to design an engagement ring that suits your fiancée’s personality and style.

Attention to detail and a unique creative experience

Mother Nature’s most durable creations have been revered by humans from the dawn of time. The visual magnificence of jewels such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires are timeless.

The sky’s the limit

If you can imagine it, we can create it. Unlike high street jewellers, we are not constrained by what is popular for the masses. We design and create masterpieces using only the finest materials and England’s best master goldsmiths.

Expert support

Receive all the advice you need. With our personal service you can access our expert knowledge and experience. Your private jeweller will help you along every step of your journey, including any accompanying wedding jewellery.

Engagement Rings Brochure

Fine solitaire engagement ring

2ct radiant cut hand made engagement ring

Your bespoke experience
From £5,000

Designing and creating your fiancée’s engagement ring should be a deeply personal and enjoyable experience.

What you will get;

An exceptional ring, starting from £5,000 and:

  • You’ll receive one-to-one service from Neil Geddes
  • A relaxed private appointment in our boutique in Boston Spa, or location near to you
  • You’ll receive advice, support and guidance
  • An option to have your ring hand designed through our unique gouache artwork
  • The finished ring will be hand made of the highest quality using the finest materials
    and certified by the best independent grading laboratories in the world.

What you won’t get:

  • No endlessly walking around busy high street jewellers that all look the same
  • No choosing from a range of mass produced rings all made abroad
  • No lower quality, overpriced jewels.

Our rings are handcrafted in England using traditional and classical techniques by
exceptionally talented master jewellers. Our designers and craftsmen are artists of the
highest calibre and we pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind works of art. In a sea of mass produced jewellery we are keeping traditional methods alive.

Your Fiancée will notice the difference and cherish this forever.

You will benefit from our small independent jewellery business with a far reach. We source our jewels such as the finest ‘Cornflower’ blue sapphires from Sri-Lanka or Royal red rubies from Mozambique. We have strong and direct relationships with the world hub of the gem trade. This ensures quality and removes the need for middle layers of supply chain adding costs to your ring.

J. Baker

“From the outset Neil was interested in us, our story and who we were as people. He is someone who takes great pride in bringing happiness to people through his jewellery. His knowledge and advice helped me navigate an area I had next to zero knowledge of. The finished ring was the icing on the cake to what was a very special day. My fiancée is extremely happy.”



Cushion diamond engagement ring

Fine elongated 4ct cushion cut diamond ring


With a bespoke engagement ring, you have two options:

The surprise

This is the more traditional approach to a proposal, where you work with us before you propose. Together we will meet to discuss the type of ring you think your fiancée would like. We then design and handcraft a ring for you to present during the proposal.

Designing the ring together

This option is becoming more popular. It involves both you and your fiancée in the design process. This approach could work if you are unsure which style of engagement ring she would prefer. It allows your fiancée to choose what exactly what she would like for her forever piece of jewellery.



Bespoke means crafting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery expressing emotion and personality.

A bespoke engagement ring is about your love for your fiancée. You express your love by designing a ring that suits her style and will bring her joy every day.

Our rings are handcrafted in England. Exceptionally talented master jewellers use traditional and classical techniques in their production. We pride ourselves on creating one-of-a-kind works of art. In a sea of mass-produced jewellery, we are keeping traditional methods alive.

1. Informal consultation

You will discuss your ideas and concepts for the ring with your private jeweller Neil Geddes. Together you will look at engagement rings and designs for inspiration. Then agree timings and budget.

2. Sketches

Our talented designers will create some sketches for you to view. We’ll discuss them and make any necessary tweaks.

3. Hand painted designs

If you are commissioning an intricate ring, a gouache hand painted design makes a exquisite memento of the process.

These designs by our design are truly beautiful and are works of art in their own right.

4. Creation of your ring

After you have agreed to the final design, our master jewellers will lovingly handcraft your fiancée’s engagement ring. The ring will be delivered to you securely. Or you can collect from our boutique in the charming Yorkshire village of Boston Spa.


Mr A. Champaneri

“Having thoroughly researched the type of engagement ring I wanted and seeing many examples on the high street, I needed a more bespoke solution combining a number of key features for the diamond, ring setting and ring band. Neil provided the personal service that I found extremely valuable in creating a bespoke ring to my choosing including sourcing me the perfect diamond. My now Wife still gazes at her ring in admiration and I can’t give a better testimony than that. I highly recommend Neil and the tailored advice and service he provides.”


Let’s get you started

If you’re thinking about a bespoke engagement ring, our advice to you is to start early.

Our clients tell us that they would like to think about their ideas, review designs and feel confident they have chosen the perfect ring. This takes time. Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable experience without feeling the need to rush.

We can offer advice on how to create the best quality ring for your budget. Prices for our bespoke diamond engagement rings start from £5,000.

Your starting point is a free, no obligation consultation with our private jeweller Neil Geddes. This could simply be a short telephone call to discuss where you are at now and for some advice. Or it could be an appointment in our Boston Spa boutique to begin the process.

You can check availability and choose a time suitable for you through our online calendar. Or contact us on 01937 844 990 or


Not quite ready?

If you are still researching options and ideas, be sure to download our free bespoke engagement ring brochure for inspiration and guidance.

We also have an email newsletter, which features examples of our designs and finished pieces of jewellery. Clients tell us that they love seeing our designs come to life.

The email newsletter is sent out no more than once a month. Your data will only be used for the email newsletter and will not be passed on to third parties.